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The Directors Guild of Cyprus ensures that the importance and the centrality of directors is recognised, and to give directors a powerful and united voice in the industry, locally and internationally.

We are the voice of directors at every level. We represent directors, in Cyprus and Europe, to Government, to broadcasters, to regulators, to other industry bodies and to the media. All our members are represented and promoted through the official page of the Directors Guild of Cyprus.

We are here to protect and enhance the directors’ creative rights. This means that we ensure the control of their material, protecting them from bad working practices, supporting them collectively. Directors are the authors of their work under copyright law.

We provide valuable services and benefits to our members and ensure they are involved. The Directors Guild of Cyprus unites directors, creates opportunities, and works to support and strengthen every member. Central to our purpose is the encouragement, protection and development of our members. While directors work alone, it is our role to bring members together.

We defend freedom of expression, creation, diffusion, and the free movement of films and audiovisual works.

We encourage and assist in the conservation of cinematographic and other audiovisual works, as part of our common heritage and as a resource to stimulate creativity.

We promote the local cultural identity by encouraging the improvement of quality, circulation and exposure of the films and audiovisual works of its members in Cyprus, throughout Europe and Internationally.

We organise and support the interaction and personal contact of directors including but not limited to: meetings, screenings, seminars, workshops and publications both print and electronic.

Additional benefits of having a Directors Guild of Cyprus membership card include:

(Please note that all Discounts are given to members with the presentation of their membership card)

For further details please contact us at info@cyprusdirectors.eu

Yearly membership costs €30.

Apply for membership.




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