The Directors Guild was founded in 1994 and is the only organisation in Cyprus uniting and representing professional Directors in the field of film, television and multimedia.


A proud member of FERA (Federation of European Film Directors) since August 2014.

What is a film director?

A film director is the primary creator of an audiovisual work. Whether animation, documentary or fiction, short or feature length, screened on a TV, a big theatre screen, laptop or small mobile phone, the director is the artist that gives life to ideas and written words.The unique style of an individual director is celebrated much as the unique style of the work of any artist. It is the execution as well as the subject matter that differentiates one artist’s work from another. Only through the prominence of the individual aesthetic does a film story acquire a style and true artistic value.

All directors are different; they combine different talents and work in different fields. Some write, some produce, some make feature films, some simply love shorts, or prefer the world of television. Some direct music videos, others are involved in commercials. What unites us all is vision. We make things happen!

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