who we are

Directors Guild of Cyprus is the only organisation in Cyprus uniting, representing and promoting professional directors and directing across all media: film, television, commercials, music videos, corporate film, multimedia and new technology. Our membership ranges from internationally renowned and award-winning directors to novices on their first professional assignments and student directors.

Our mission

The new Board of Directors Guild of Cyprus has set as its primary objective, the recognition of the Director’s profession in Cyprus, in order to protect and safeguard the future of Cypriot Directors and simultaneously develop and strengthen the film and television industry in Cyprus. Other objectives include:

The integration of the Guild with the Federation of European Film Directors (FERA) and the development of effective partnerships with relevant organizations in Cyprus and abroad, supporting the role of audiovisual arts. Why is being a voting member of FERA so important? FERA is the voice of more than 20.000 screen directors in Europe! FERA’s focuses are the issues of major importance in the creation and promotion of audiovisual works. FERA’s mission is to enhance the recognition of the cultural significance of audiovisual works and to defend their integrity in 21st century Europe. FERA represents directors as the primary creators of audiovisual works. The director is the creative decision maker in a process of artistic collaboration and takes final responsibility for the aesthetic cohesion and artistic integrity of the work. FERA is committed to safeguarding the craft, artistry and the creative and economic rights of the director as essential components to the diversity of audiovisual culture in Europe and beyond.

The resolutions of long-standing problems afflicting the Cypriot film directors: protect and enhance directors’ creative rights – This means ensuring their control of their material, protecting them from bad working practices, supporting them collectively. Directors are authors of their work under copyright law.

Housing the Guild. In it’s 20 year history, the Cyprus Directors never had their own establishment.  Having a home is so much more than having an address.The aim of the Guild is to bring together directors, producers, artists and audiences; to encourage interaction, to provide support and to accomplish creative communication throughout the year.

Training and  education  by  organising  workshops and masterclasses by professionals in the field of film, television and the audiovisual arts in general.

Showcasing the work of Cypriot filmmakers who reside in Cyprus or abroad. The Guild’s Film Festival has established itself as a yearly event that screens and promotes the work of new filmmakers and also pays tribute and honours those from the past.

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